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Infinnity Solutions

Infinnity Solutions is a Russian company that develops innovative software solutions in the healthcare field. The main areas of software development are the integrated electronic medical record, medical information systems and mobile medical applications. Since 2006, Infinnity Solutions is concerned with improving the efficiency of hospitals and healthcare systems as a whole.
Infinnity Solutions is a key vendor in the largest European openEHR implementation project in the Moscow region - SIMI EMIAS (System for Integrated Medical Information). Over 5.5 million records are managed by SIMI EMIAS. There are over 12,000 daily concurrent users.
Based on our knowledge and previous experience, this year we are looking for a specific start-ups. Primarily, We are focused on User Experience, prototyping and quick testing new ideas.
We rely on the expertise of dedicated partners, advisors and consultants to craft our solutions that help start-ups reach the next milestone.

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